Electra The Handmade Unicorn Felted Rug

Electra The Handmade Unicorn Felted Rug

Electra our “real” magical Unicorn handmade felt rug will happily add a sparkle of magic to any room, be it on the floor, wall, chair or even the bed!  Beautifully handmade using only natural wools and dyes, Electra the unicorn rug has wonderful lashes, a glowing mane and of course, a very magical horn! Teamed with our matching award winning unicorn slippers & 100% cotton unicorn pjs, adventures in day really couldn’t get any better! Fabulous gifts for fabulous little ones!


Measurements: Approx 130cm x 75cm


Materials: Natural wools & dyes


Care: Spot clean using clean damp cloth.


Supporting TUSK, helping to raise awareness about protecting our endangered animals