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Electra The Unicorn Handmade Felted Slippers

Electra The Unicorn Handmade Felted Slippers

Electra, our “real” magical Unicorn slippers have finally arrived much to the delight of little ones! Featuring little blue hearts & nose, fluttery eyes and magical horns, Electra will make every moment a magical one.


Award winning Electra is designed by H&Q and beautifully hand-crafted by skilled women in a small co-operative near Kathmandu, who shape the wool by hand with soap, water and lots of love.


The slippers feature cross-stitched soft suede anti-slip soles with the delicate features carefully hand-sewn on, truly bringing the little characters to life!


Each pair of booties/slippers come gift wrapped bag making the perfect gift/keepsake for any event & will be treasured for ever!


Supporting TUSK on every sale, helping to protect our endangered animals.


Materials: natural wools, soft non slip suedette soles

    £20.00 Regular Price
    £15.00Sale Price

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