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Chui Wa The Handmade Snow Leopard Slippers

Chui Wa The Handmade Snow Leopard Slippers

Whether it’s lazing by a roaring fire or pouncing after mice, little ones will simply go wild for our very new member of the herd, Chui Wa, The Snow Leopard slippers. We’re sure Chui Wa will become a firm favourite of the H&Q family with its adorable features, including little whiskers, gorgeous blue twinkly eyes & helpful pull on tails! Each pair features soft suedette soles and will help keep little feet snuggly and warm whilst playing happily – purr-fect in every way!


Award winning Chui Wa is designed by Hector&Queen and beautifully handcrafted by skilled women within a small co-operative near Kathmandu, who shape the wool by hand using plenty of soap, water and lots of love!


Chai Wa’s delicate features are carefully hand-sewn on which truly bring the little characters to life, whilst the cross-stitched soft suede anti-slip soles allow for more adventures in the day!


Each pair of booties/slippers come gift wrapped making the perfect gift/keepsake for any event & will be treasured for ever!


Supporting TUSK on every sale, helping to protect our endangered animals.

    £20.00 Regular Price
    £15.00Sale Price

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