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Twiga The Giraffe Handmade Felted Slippers

Twiga The Giraffe Handmade Felted Slippers

A new addition to the stars of the Maasi Mara has just arrived, Twiga The Giraffe Slipper. Whether grazing in the kitchen or gracefully towering across the playroom, little feet will always be kept snuggly and warm. Sporting little horns, helpful pull-on tails and enviable eye lashes, Twiga is certain to become a favourite of the H&Q herd.


Award winning Twiga is designed by H&Q and beautifully handcrafted by skilled women in a small co-operative near Kathmandu, who shape the wool by hand with soap, water and lots of love.


The slipper’s delicate features are carefully hand-sewn on which truly bring the little characters to life whilst the cross-stitched soft suede anti-slip soles allow for endless adventures in the day.


Each pair of booties/slippers come gift wrapped.


Supporting TUSK on every sale, helping to protect our endangered animals.


Materials: Organic wool & natural dyes, soft non slip suedette soles


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